Second week

During that week, after making the research, our group decided to construct the table of contents of our presentation. We believe it can give us a big picture and clarify our tasks. Here are our points which we’d like to include in our table of contents: First of all, we plan to define what it is exactly the binge Flying. Then we’d like to mention about the culture of Binge Flying. Therefore it will be presented when the flight became the Binge Flying. The next point would be the environmental aspects of travelling by plane. Then we’ll show some statistics concerning the popularity of flying over the years and some forecast about the flying tendencies. Last but not least, the problems caused by Binge Flying and the potential solutions for them. At the end we’ll present the short conclusion and show the used sources. And the last point which we’d love to mention today in our post is the sources we’ll based on during our presentation. Due the fact the Binge Flying is kinda new trends, there is no books about this phenomenon. So we decided that our main sources would be journal articles, newspaper and magazine articles, blogs and some websites concerning our topic.

12.4.15 22:34

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