Fourth week

This week, we tried to focus on the objective of our presentation and what we want to convey our fellow students. It wasn’t easy for us to find an objective since most of the articles that report about our topic are about the environmental consequences. It is clear that flying becomes more and more popular at the moment, especially as a result of the cheap flight prices. Besides, it’s time-saving and comfortable as well.
However, most of the people forget how flying harms the environment. That’s the reason we decided to put our focus on the climate consequences and potential solutions.
We actually planned to do our presentation like a “talk show“ but now decided that it might get boring to listen 30 minutes to a talk show. But though, we are considering the idea of including an interactive part at the end of our presentation which could be a discussion to emphasize the objective.
We also divided the different parts of our presentation so everyone can now work on his part and collect information. We will meet in a few days and talk about it.

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Third Week

After doing the research and talking about our table of content; we firstly thought about our presentation and especially about how we want to present our topic. Thinking about this point we had different ideas. Our group conceived of doing a more creative presentation. Concerning this idea we thought about doing something like a “talkshow” and every member of our group represents a person, who is going to talk about binge flying and his personal statement regarding this topic. Since we are three persons in our group we thought it would be logical to have one moderator, one person who represents the environmental impact of binge flying (maybe somebody from greenpeace) and a business woman, who embodies the person who uses planes as a means of transportation very often. In order to show some graphics and pictures, which will underline our statements we’ll use power-point. So it’s not going to be a typical talkshow; it’s going to be a mix between a talkshow and a power-point presentation. Because we think it’s necessary to visualize our topics, as well.

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