Sixth week

The last week, we worked on the content of our presentation. We overlooked our agenda so each of us could intensify the research for her topic. We also kept in mind that there’s not that much time left till the presentation so we made a time schedule for the following week and decided on which days we’ll meet in order to bring together our collected information. Our group is aware of the short time we have left and what we still have to do. Nevertheless, we are in an optimistic mood, because we have a clear structure in our presentation und we already worked on this topic intensively.

Suitable for our objective, which is going to be the environmental aspects we want to show you a picture, which emphasizes the negative effect of binge flying.

This photo mirrors the environmental effects of flying in a very pictorial way and we think it's very appaling. In our presentation we'll show you more interesting facts about this topic.


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The fifth week

During this week we’re collected the information about our topic (each of us about certain part of the topic) and try to make a draft of the presentation. We had as well a small discussion about the presentation. The information which we collected concern e.g. the reason why people want to fly, what are their goals and our ideas how to reduce the use of aircraft. We discussed that the main reasons why people prefer to travel by plane are: price (relatively low in comparison to trains), time (even though the buses are cheaper than planes, flying takes you definitely less time). The main reasons why people general travel are: business trips and trips for pleasure (like holidays or shopping trip). We thought as well about how to reduce the use of airplane and how to convinced people to use the other way to travel or how minimize the need of flying. Our ideas are for examples: encouraging people to use trains and buses for trips inside the country and/or Europe, taking longer holidays and closer to home (then the need of taking the plane is much lower), cutting down on business travel or combining two or more trips.

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